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I teach individuals, families, employees and entrepreneurs the action steps for building a joy-filled life of purpose using real life tested techniques through in-person coaching and online training courses that work. 

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Your life is for living, don't you think it's time to get started?

Could a COACH help me!?

Coaching is for the student, senior, the exhausted, the overachiever, the change maker and the STUCK.
Regardless, your coach is 100% committed to you and the results you desire. 

This isn't therapy or a couch to lay down on.  This is engagement into "What Now?" 
I walk with you, hold space for you to find change and you'll see your coach is 100% invested in your success, everyday. 

There's a life before you that you could only dream of.  One where you don't die 50 years before your body gives out. 

What if you were happy despite circumstance?  What if fear and anxiety left the chat?What if you knew who you are and what you stand for?

What if that change doesn't have to happen alone?


I just kept showing up even if it was hard.  Now I understand my values and what's important to me.  I have a compass to make decisions by and move forward boldly. 



With thousands of hours in training and coaching experience and a lifetime of experience running a building a multi million dollar company, ranching and raising 5 kids,  Chelsea delivers effective, well suited and well tested tools for change.  Through her upcoming books and Digital Course log, startup podcast and Creative collaborations, Chelsea inspires real and measurable changes as well as spitirual awakenings that build confidence, instigate progress and advance emotional maturity. 

Chelsea proves that by acknowledging the past and moving your feet towards the future, even those new to coaching can find alignment and move away from indecision, suffering in the everyday and self doubt. Forge your path forward towards the life that you desire and find alignment in all aspects towards a personal and work life you love. 



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With her unique background in Agriculture, Entertainment, Business and Personal development Chelsea brings a wide library of care, expertise and entertaining experience to her presentations. 


For Writing, Speaking or In-person Inquires please email:

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